Mobile TANA shredders effectively reduce the size of materials while clearing them from metals with an integrated overband magnet. Meanwhile, the TANA ProTrack information management system enables performance monitoring and optimization.

For Tire Reclaim, a tire recycling company operating in the Pacific Northwest, TANA shredders have become an important part of the business. When collecting and recycling tires, reducing their size by using the TANA machines makes them more transportable and the business more cost-effective. – The profitability of being able to remove tires and reduce the size versus hauling whole tires is very foundational to the success of our business. The mobile TANA shredder is able to go to the site, reduce the size, and allow us to transport accordingly, says Craig Hunter, President of Tire Reclaim. The shredders are also equipped with cross-belt magnets for separating metals out from the tires. While this cuts down on the volume of the tires even further, the company also turns a profit from recycling the collected metals.

Craig Hunter Tire Reclaim

Smart digital tools complement the equipment

TANA pairs its quality hardware with advanced software innovations to ensure customers get the most out of their TANA machines. TANA ProTrack® is a smart system for gaining performance metrics and maintaining the optimal operation of the equipment. Hunter points to the advantages ProTrack affords his company:

– One of the biggest features for me as the president is being able to log in to the ProTrack system. It gives me real-time numbers and reports, breakdowns, and things like that. From what I can see on the computer screen, I can gauge whether we’ll be able to move to another job soon or not. The ProTrack is a big selling feature for me.

Emphasis on customer service

To maintain the highest standards of customer service, TANA provides prompt support to address any issues or concerns that may arise. According to Hunter, Tana’s excellent communication with its customers is a great benefit to Tire Reclaim.

– We have a direct line from our operator management, and they communicate directly with Tana’s service and maintenance. They have real-time recommendations for repairs, and downtime is very minimal. I would say that the customer service from TANA has been far and above what we expected.

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