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TANA From Waste to Value®

We keep our focus on the robust and simple tools that enable hardworking people to work smarter. We help them to keep their focus on the results, not just the machines.

The company slogan "TANA From Waste to Value®" is a symbol of Tana's devotion to not only produce machinery that is unique in terms of its design and features, but also to provide our customers with solutions and services for improved productivity. Our mission is to improve our customers' businesses and enable them to increase their revenue - from waste to value.

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The Story of TANA, 50 years of waste and beyond

Today Tana is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of machines and equipment for mechanical processing of solid waste. Tana is pioneer of using electrical control systems and intelligent solutions in our equipment. All our operations derives from data driven business which are continuously develop further in close cooperation with our customers.

Story of Tana Tana 50 years Tana in North America

Tana North America Committed to the highest quality customer service available

Tana North America (Humdinger Equipment Ltd.,) is a team of individuals that take pride in the work they do and the value they offer. Core promise is to do right by their customers and provide a level of customer service you deserve. “Our customers matter to us and we work hard to raise the standards of service and support provided in these industries. We understand that each customer has a unique set of obstacles that they must overcome, and we take pride in our ability to work beside them to offer the best solutions available”.

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