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The most productive compactor on the market.

The life expectancy of a landfill can be extended by several years with a TANA landfill compactor that offers at least a 10% better compaction rate than any competitor – guaranteed. Savings in operating costs are easy to achieve with less driving passes, as well as reduced fuel consumption and working hours. The combination of a longer life expectancy for the landfill and lower operating costs makes a big difference for the bottom line over the service life of the landfill compactor.


4 simple ways to optimize landfill operations with TANA

Compact 10% more – Guaranteed

Better airspace management lets you put more waste in the same area and space. Optimizing the airspace in landfills reduces costs and increases the lifetime of the landfill site. The more waste that can be landfilled at a specific site in the densest possible layers, the longer it can remain operational and generate income for the owner. Read the experiences of TANA owners from all over the world!

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Maximize uptime – Minimize costs

Increased uptime and reduced fuel costs generate more value for your business. Fuel is often the biggest expenditure for landfill contractors. TANA landfill compactors with full-width drums achieve a better compaction rate with less driving compared to four-wheelers. They are also powered by an extremely fuel-efficient engine.

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Drive smarter – Higher revenues, fewer hours

Don’t just work harder and faster – work smarter. TANA landfill compactor require fewer passes, saving both fuel and working hours. You can also optimize your operations with real-time operational data that helps anticipate maintenance breaks.

TANA Landfill compactors

Stay tuned – Real-time data boosts performance

TANA ProTrack® collects, analyzes and presents the data that is produced by your TANA machine. Based on that data, TANA ProTrack® presents concretely and clearly how much you gain in profit, the amount of expenses and how your business could be enhanced even more.

TANA ProTrack®

More than a machine. Superior crushing force.

TANA landfill compactors feature a rigid, non-oscillating frame that utilizes the weight of the machine thru two full-width drums and crushing teeth. The end result is a smooth, firmly compacted landfill site.

Larger surface area results in less ground pressure

Firmly compacted area enables waste trucks to drive safely and quickly to the tipping area for unloading

Lowest center of gravity point among landfill compactors

The TANA Control System (TCS) monitors and controls all system functions

Reliable and even compaction with full-size drums

Best cab visibility in their class

More than a machine