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TANA is the best profit maker in solid waste management.

Our goal is simple. We want our customers to turn their waste into value. We keep our focus on the robust and simple tools that enable hardworking people to work smarter.
Want to know how to make more profit?

TANA H555 eco landfill compactor

CUSTOMER STORY: TANA compactors speed up the job

“Switching over to TANA brought an immediate change in compaction for the county. It has enabled them to serve customers more quickly and reduced the time taken up by compaction overall” says Christopher Hill, Senior Lead Operator for Charlotte County.

On the whole, Hill makes it clear that TANA is the right choice when looking for a powerful and efficient landfill compactor:I would encourage everybody to buy this machine, it’s a great machine. I tell people about it all the time”. 


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Be one step ahead in waste management business

Circular economy and sustainability are here to stay. The simplest way to profit is to improve the things you already have. That is why we help people to keep their focus on the results, not just the machines.

Landfill operations

By achieving a better compaction rate, you can extend the landfill’s life expectancy by several years.

Landfill operations

Material recycling

Optimally shredded and processed waste offers a profitable resource in the form of reusable materials.

Material recycling & processing

About us

We are here to support you and your business throughout the operational life of your TANA machine.

Tana & Humdinger
TANA machines in North America

TANA equipment is the best. Robust, versatile machines.

We do not compromise the quality or simplicity of our tools and services. TANA machines are robust and versatile and made for heavy-duty work but has all that is needed to change the waste management business. With built-in intelligence, it turns simple work into an effective process.

TANA equipment

Tana in North America. Sales and Service

Tana North America was formed in 2011 as a joint venture with Tana Oy and Humdinger Equipment Ltd to serve as the distributor and product support group for TANA machines in North America. Our sales and service network covers Canada and the United States to meet your needs. When you purchase a TANA machine, we want you to achieve the highest possible uptime and productivity ensuring maximum return on your investment throughout the machine lifetime

Tana in North America – find you nearest distributor
TANA ProTrack

Continuous workflow. Work smarter, together.

Improving the things we already have and the things we do is the simplest way to make a change in this world. We turn our robust machines into business development tools that run on data and built-in intelligence fuel. We connect machines and men from single units into a smart working dream team.

TANA ProTrack®

Success stories

Happy customers in the North America are currently using TANA machines and the greatest stories are told by them. Effective machinery and great service for the customers are the major factors in the TANA user experience. Read how TANA has improved our customers’ businesses and what kind of solutions you can find from TANA machinery.

Tana Stories