Success story from Alberta, Canada

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Convenient to operate and easy to service, TANA compactors are designed for efficient longevity in solid waste management.

In one of the largest landfills in Western Canada, located in Ryley, Alberta, TANA machines have been reliably chugging away for a decade. Janet Tecklenborg, Director of Facilities at Claystone Waste, has no trouble identifying why Claystone has worked with TANA equipment over the long haul. 

– The reason is we like how compaction is with the machine. It works really well with MSW, or municipal solid waste. 

Made for the users 

TANA units are purpose-built for fast compaction. The high visibility compactor cabin eliminates any blind spots, and the full-width twin-drum configuration minimizes the passes required. The machines easily overcome any materials being worked on while affording operators the best possible conditions for getting the job done. Tecklenborg confirms that TANA’s attention to detail in all the important features has not gone to waste. 

– Our operators like that there are minimal blind spots on the sides, which makes it safer and easier to operate. They like the seating position, high compactor cabin visibility and they like the space in the cab. 

Built to last 

The fact that Claystone has used TANA landfill equipment since they came on to the market is no coincidence. The machines’ high durability is bolstered by TANA’s approach to maximizing the life span of its products. Smart technology helps discover the cause of any technical malfunction, and accessible components greatly expedite the work of service staff. Any interruptions to operation are thus kept as rare and brief as possible. TANA’s communication with its customers is also top-notch, as Tecklenborg will attest. 

– The equipment is designed with serviceability in mind, it’s easy to access for mechanics. From a customer service perspective, with any warranty issues that we’ve had, we’ve seen prompt response times and they’re able to get back to us quickly. We’re quite pleased with the customer service. 

Based on the experiences at Claystone, working with the kind of refuse they’re receiving into their landfill, Tecklenborg has no qualms about recommending TANA products to professionals in municipal waste management. 

– Especially in the municipal solid waste environment, I would suggest that a TANA would be a good fit.

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