Charlotte County uses the TANA H380eco and H555eco compactors in landfill waste management. The TANA machines combine a twin-drum design with good visibility and intuitive controls inside the cabin for fast and easy operation.

According to Christopher Hill, Senior Lead Operator for Charlotte County, switching over to TANA brought an immediate change in compaction for the county. It has enabled them to serve customers more quickly and reduced the time taken up by compaction overall. 


Made for efficiency

One of the standout features of the TANA compactors is their twin-drum construction. Compared to four-wheeled machines, the solid drums cover the full width of the compactor over each pass. This results in smoothly compacted waste with fewer passes. 

– These machines have a solid drum in the front. When you’re working with a four-wheeled compactor, you’re always chasing the middle. This solid drum cuts down your passes, Hill explains. 

With the cabin positioned in the front frame right behind the blade, the blade’s orientation is fixed to the steering of the compactor. This is another benefit to operators. 

– You’re following the blade instead of chasing it. This is perfect because you know when you turn, you’re going that way, Hill notes. 


Operator-friendly features

The cabin is designed for maximum comfort and operability. The glass windows provide excellent visibility, which is further enhanced by a camera set up high to provide a bird’s eye view of the surroundings and a rearview camera to cover any potential blind spots in that direction. 

There are no pedals for breaking and accelerating. Instead, all controls are within arm’s reach with the joysticks and buttons. This includes steering the machine, maneuvering the blade, controlling the lights, changing speed, and so on. There’s a control panel to the right of the operator displaying information including temperature and fuel status. 

– Everything’s right there at your fingertips, Hill says. 

TANA H555eco Charlotte Countey

Impeccable support

TANA’s dedication to serving its customers at a high level is reflected in Hill’s experience with the company. 

The customer service for this machine is awesome. Whenever something breaks down or we have any issues with the machine or services, they’re right on it. We just make a phone call and they’re here, they’re letting us know what’s going on. 

On the whole, Hill makes it clear that TANA is the right choice when looking for a powerful and efficient landfill compactor: – I would encourage everybody to buy this machine, it’s a great machine. I tell people about it all the time.