Bartow County Landfill in Cartersville, Georgia handles from 650 to 700 tons of waste daily. The landfill was in need of a large compactor and they decided to acquire the TANA E520 landfill compactor. As a result, the expected lifetime of the landfill has already gone up by almost two years.

The staff of Bartow County Landfill flew out to Austin, Texas back in 2018 to see what kind of new equipment was available for the waste industry.

“We saw the TANA E520 there. My guy operated it for probably 15 to 20 minutes. Then he came to me and said: ’Rip, if we’re not going to get anything else, let’s get this. We need it’”, Rip Conner reminisces. He works as the Director of Solid Waste at Bartow County Landfill.

Compaction rate has risen by 19%

Bartow County Landfill has now been using TANA E520 for two years. As a result, the compaction rate has gone up to 0.83 tons per cubic yard. This is approximately a 19% increase compared to before. These kinds of results are very palpable in the whole landfill’s future.

“At the beginning of 2019, we estimated that the landfill has 51.1 years of design capacity left. This year, it turned out to be 53 years. This means that the TANA has already prolonged lifetime of the landfill by just under two years”, Conner reveals.

Compactor to beat

The prolonged lifetime of the landfill also yields financial savings.

“Better compaction rate lowers the costs associated with building new landfill cells. At this rate, the compactor will pay for itself in four years”, Conner says.

All in all, Bartow County Landfill has been exceptionally pleased with their new compactor.

“Operator visibility is great and it’s also easy to service. I personally don’t see us buying any other machine in the future”, Conner finishes.

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