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TANA Shark 440ET shredder


Shred on electricity, drive on diesel

Lower operational costs

Effortless use of auxiliary power

Quick couplings for power grid

Full mobility

Equipped with innovation

Experience the economic benefits of the electric shredder with lower operational costs and extended maintenance intervals.  TANA 440ET sets a new standard for efficiency and convenience in waste management. Designed for shredding the widest range of materials. TANA Shark 440ET industrial waste shredder enables full control over the particle size from 2” to 20”. This enables time and cost savings as it is possible to perform shredding in just one pass.

Embrace the silence with 440ET shredder’s 4 dB cut-off, surpassing traditional diesel-powered models. Convenient quick couplings for power grid connection, this 440ET delivers exceptional results.

Maximum outcome

Rated power (SAE J1995) 2 x 215 bhp / 160 kW
Nominal torque 324,530 ft-lbs / 440 kNm
Rotor length 9 ft 10 in
Number of rotor knives 33 / 44
Screen sizes 1.9", 3", 3.5", 3.9", 4.3", 4.7", 5.5", 6.6", 8.7", 10.8"
Screen area 29.6 sq ft

Unique versatility

TANA Shark 440ET is equipped with two VEM electric motors. The machine offers a simple solution by seamlessly utilizing auxiliary power, while quick connectors effortlessly integrate the machine into the power grid. 440ET shredder offers the possibility to shred on electricity and drive on diesel.

  1. Designed to perform
    440ET represents the future of electrical shredding, effortlessly handling even the toughest materials such as tires and mattresses.
  2. Less noise emissions
    Embrace the silence with 440ET shredder’s 4 dB cut-off, offering remarkable noise reduction compared to diesel-powered models.
  3. Lower operational costs
    Experience cutting-edge technology and enjoy extended 500-hour service intervals.